About Us

Centered in the heart of Rapid City

Members of Emmanuel Episcopal Church are equipped, encouraged and expected to make our Lord known; to share our faith, our traditions, and our parish life with those who are seeking God, especially remembering those who are the least of our brothers and sisters.


We act toward others with a belief that this community, our expressions of faith, and our commitment to Christ and to each other make an essential difference in their lives and that, by the Grace of God, we will spark in them a spiritual awakening and a loving challenge that will bring joy, devotion and spiritual growth.

Our Staff
Father John David Barnes
Mother Virginia Bird

Associate Rector


Nanette Branch

Office Manager


Justin Stephens
Dave Martinson

Choir Director


Our Vestry

Mark Meersman, Senior Warden
Mike Sweet, Junior Warden
Greta Chapman
Nicole Craig

Rory Hammerbeck
Peter Hansen

Ann Slaughter
Kelli Trebil
Jeff Yennie